Top100 - The Oracle Shared Pool Profiler

Top100 will support you in profiling your applications for finding the most resource or time consuming SQL statements. This utility for the Oracle database administrator and the oracle developer offers a very simple user Interface and is extraordinary easy to use. The key functionality is:

  • The SQL statements are transferred to the client using highly optimized multithreaded array fetches.
  • The execution plan for all statements is automatically analyzed and evaluated on the server side.
  • Colored syntax highlighting.
  • The SQL statements can be modified and analyzed using different optimizer goals.
  • The table containing the SQL statements is fully customizable and the data can be sorted by multiple columns.
  • The statements to retrieve can be filter using several filter criteria including statement type, user, resource consumption or statement text.
  • It is possible to find similar statements.
  • The shared pool can be flushed.
  • The results can be exported to CSV, HTML or XML files.


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TabExp - The Oracle Table Exporter

TabExp is a database utility for Oracle allowing to export the contents of the database (any tables or views) in several different formats:

  • Export to a simple SQL script where each row is represented as an insert line.
  • Export as fully portable standard HTML file. 
  • Export as portable XML file with data dictionary.
  • Export as ASCII based CSV file.
  • Export as a Oracle SQL*Loader control file.
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OSession - The Oracle Session Manager

This utility allows to see the active sessions on an Oracle server. The most important parameters (open cursors, statistics and locks) of a session can be viewed and a session can be killed. The application allows to set a refresh timeout and to automatically log on with command line parameters.


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PL/SQL Trace - The Oracle PL/SQL Tracing Facility

PL/SQL-Trace is a very easy to use Windows application for Oracle developers allowing to send trace messages from any kind of PL/SQL code. Using pipes allows to overcome the limitations of the DBMS_OUTPUT package and also allows to have a almost immediate feedback from the PL/SQL Code.


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SetPwd - The Oracle Password Changer

A small dialog based application for Oracle allowing to change the password (also expired ones) of an existing Oracle user by the user himself.


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